APB Reloaded Free 10 days Premium and ACT44 Redeem Code 20 March 2012 – Guide

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apb reloaded free premium guide for march 2011

APB RELOADED – Free Premium for 10 Days

Hello to all players of APB Reloaded!
As I promised in another article, you’ll find premium codes will post them, so I did!
Today I found the Internet a way to get 10 days of premium in the game APB Reloaded!
What to do? Well it’s simple: First you go here, and you make a new account for APB Reloaded, but you do exactly as he will not go there!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email and an email with the Reward!
Ok so here is good, now have to enter the game, create a new character, close game and go here, login with the user created earlier and enter the marketplace, then you select the Redeem Code APB.
You have premium code in Email or is already in your account, then enter the game and play premium!

So the steps again : Log in – Marketplace – APB – Redeem Code

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