APB Reloaded Premium Codes Giveaway Place

Welcome !

Hello to all APB Reloaded Players from Earth and Mars !

20 March 2012 : Important !! 10 days Free Premium for New Players here

This page is specialy created to post premium codes or weapons codes ! When some codes will be available, you will see date and what code contain. See latest codes example :
1011NTECPR2 = Scoped NTEC PR2, 5 days to use this great weapon !
Free10DayAZP2 = 10 days to play as premium user/member

Remember : Those codes are expired, but when valid code will be available will be post here !

Available codes till date 08.02.2012 = NONE

After you copy the code , go to gamersfirst and log in, then go to Rdeem Code , choose your faction then insert code and use it !

Note ! Some codes are available only for new players ! But we will notify !

All right ! Now you have a question in your mind, and that is .. “how do i know when free codes will be available” right ? Well you have some options :

First Option : add friend on facebook here

Second Option : Leave a comment with “i want free code for apb reloaded” and when new code will be, we send you a email

Third option : add this page to your bookmarks or feeds.

Fourth option : add us on google plus+ here

Last option : add us on twitter here

Good Luck on APB Reloaded – GTA 4 style game !

Enjoy !

Also if you want to play a game like counter strike but much much better , we recoomend WarRock !! is FREE TO PLAY for everyone !!

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