Dishonored – Dr Galvani’s office Safe Combination

Dishonored – Dr Galvani’s office Safe Combination

Hello dear Dishonored players. Primary Task is to eliminate High Overseer Campbell, Get past the second wall of light.
Main mission is: Gentlemen Callers (optional mission) with task Break into Dr. Galvani`s Flat on Clavering Boulevard. You are in Dr. Galvani`s office ? now maybe you need safe combination code to open safe to get two gold ingots ? well the code is 287 but if you want to see how to enter in Dr. Galvani`s office undetected and very easy and how to open the safe, then see here this video gameplay on youtube. And something about this game ? Well i think Dishonored Video Game for PC is the best stealth action from Splinter Cell Double Agent for me. And it was a great pleasure to play this game twice , one in stealth mode and one in angry mode.

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