Dishonored – High Overseer Campbell Safe Combination

Dishonored Video Game – High Overseer Campbell Safe Combination

Hello Dishonored video game players. You are on mission High Overseer Campbell and you`ve found Bunkhouse and you want to open the safe ?

well that`s good because this guide is exactly for that, to tell you the safe combination code and code is 203. This safe can be found after you done the main mission objective , when is need to return Samuel boat, instead to go straight ahead to evacuation , go left and you will see Workshop right ? well in front of workshop is bunkhouse and the is the safe, you can see video gameplay with exact location here .

Dishonored : Main and optional  missions are : Eliminate High Overseer Campbell , Get past the first wall of light, Use the Bottle street, Take the blackmail journal from Campbell and some optional tasks.

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