Dishonored – Pratchett House safe combination

Dishonored – Pratchett House safe combination

Dishonored Video Game Guide : Hello. You need to know how to enter in Pratchett house ? or you need his safe combination ? well we can tell you how to do these things or we can show how to do those things. Ok text guide : Go inside house through balcony by using Blink (see in video gameplay guide below) and open door and you are in.

Dishonored Video Game Guide : Now you want to open that safe ? well get the PRATCHETT`S REMINDER from near table and read remember that the truth is the paintings ! What`s mean that ? well that mean you need to press J and look in mission clues. “A note in Pratchett`s house says that his safe code is hidden in his paitings” . You get this ? need to look to paintings and see numbers , and those numbers are combination code for safe guys. I don`t want to tell you this code because maybe some players need to discover code by yourselfs , but here a video gameplay and there is also the code for safe !

Main mission for this guide is : Dishonored – The Royal Physician

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