Dishonored – Safe Combination for Art Dealer`s House (Apartment)

Dishonored – Safe Combination for Art Dealer`s House (Apartment)

Hello dear Dishonored video game player. Before making mission House of Pleasure , maybe you need to enter in Art Dealer house and you need safe combination ? Well if you help Slackjaw, you get the combination code during mission but if you want to get rune first then combination code is 879 . If you already helped Slackjaw, then code can be 696. And if you want to see video gameplay, see it here .

This game is like made to play 2 times, I’ve played first time in stealth mode as I like stealth games but I want him more game time in fury mode, you don`t ?

As you enter the house dealer, you need to be at least at the mission House of Pleasure (Eliminate the Pendletons – Eliminate the Pendleton twins in the Golden Cot) , otherwise you will not be able to enter the apartment to break the vault.

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