Dishonored – Sewer safe combination code

Dishonored – Sewer safe combination code

Dishonored Video Game Guide : Hi Dishonored players, you want to open sewer safe to get Bone Charm and Gold Ingot ? Well i think so. But you looked around for some clues ?

No you dont ..i`m sure of that because if you look better, next to safe is a letter (Jelly`s Next Task) and a book called The Thirteen Months. Right, so what ? How to solve safe comnbination code from these two? first read the note, and note the following : wind, seeds and ice. Now open the book and count down. Where is wind ? where is seeds ? where is ice ? Now you know sewer safe combination code. Anyway if you want to see exactly how to do , or if you want to see combination code see code here and video gameplay.

Mission is to Find a way through the sewer to the pub

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