Hitman:Absolution – failed to initialize directx 11 error

Hitman:Absolution – failed to initialize directx 11 error

Hello dear visitor. You just bought the new video game Hitman:Absolution and you have already errors like “failed to initialize directx 11 error” or “Hitman has stopped working” or other issue ? Then, the easy way to solve this is to update your windows with all important and optional updates and the issue will be solved in no time.

But, for any reasons that you cannot make updates, please follow this steps from guide

If you install all prerequisites, the game now should work proper without any errors, but to optimize your gameplay performance, we recommend to install new video drivers and uninstall old drivers but in proper way, see here how

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4 Responses

  1. Sifir says:

    I did ALL. It didn’t worked =(

  2. Dan says:

    Sifir, I’m currently still updating windows so I can’t vouch for the success of this method. But I was told to update my graphics card as well as windows, including beta updates.

  3. zoli232 says:

    I had the same problem, I chose a radical way to solve it: Installed the game to a secondary disk partition, then reinstalled Windows (7 x64), then on a clean copy of Windows installed ONLY the drivers from video card manufacturer (for me ASUS, so not from AMD/ATi) which has WHQL certification, then installed Steam, logged in, and started HMA.exe from secondary partition, whitout installation.

    A bit radical way, but worked.

  4. mannu says:

    yes,i have the same problem pls help

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