T.E.S Skyrim – How to find Elven Mage from Aranea`s vision Guide

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim – How to find Elven Mage from Aranea`s vision Guide

Hello dear visitor. I decided to show you where to look for Elven Mage for Aranea. So first teleport to Winterhold and then go to tavern called “The Frozen Heart” and there look for a priest called “Nelacar” and talk to him and make to tell you what you need in your mode. For all that i said, at bottom page is a video guide so watch for a better understanding.

The Main quest is : “The Black Star”
Aranea a priestess of Azura says i am destined to find an elven man, who can turn the brightest start as black as night (sound good ? NO sound cripy) . She believes he is in Winterhold
Objective : Find the elven mage from Aranea`s vision

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